Agricultural Institute

The profile of the Agricultural Institute, Centre for Agricultural Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences involves complex, interdependent, basic, methodological and applied research projects culminating in practical applications.

The basic aim is to use the internationally renowned germplasm accumulated in Martonvásár over the past nearly seventy years, combined with up-to-date methods from the fields of genetics, physiology, cell and reproduction biology, functional genomics, biotechnology, plant breeding and crop production, in order to develop new, generic plant genotypes satisfying the future demands of society, and to carry out research on production technologies and the environment.

Ongoing projects include an analysis of the agroecological equilibrium, the preservation and expansion of genetic variability, the production of raw materials for healthy nutrition, the development of durable stress resistance, and improvements in seed safety in order to meet the requirements of sustainable development.

In addition to these complex research programmes, institute staff play an active part in undergraduate and postgraduate education, in international scientific cooperation, and in the dissemination of scientific results and practical agricultural knowledge.


The research aims and projects of the institute

Plant genetics

Cereal chemistry

Plant cell and reproduction biology

Plant stress resistance

Plant physiology

Maize breeding

Cereal gene bank

Cereal breeding

Molecular breeding

Crop production